By Nancy Davis, Editor, HR Magazine

Here are some HR initiatives that you can launch during October, with tips from the pages of HR Magazine.

  1. Connect business strategy to employees’ social media use, with tips from Wells Fargo, GE and an Ohio manufacturer, among others, p. 30.
  2. Create an early retirement package that will appeal to just the right mix of employees—not too many, not too few, p. 40.
  3. Overhaul your health care benefits around the coming of public and private insurance exchanges, p. 46.
  4. Improve your employees’ shifts based on the latest research on productivity and sleep patterns, p. 54.
  5. To help sleep-deprived workers, identify office or plant space that could be converted into a nap room, p. 54.
  6. Add incentives to your quit-smoking program in line with the latest research about what works, p. 61.
  7. To cut costs on business travel, learn to negotiate with and make deals with extended stay hotels, p. 71.
  8. Experiment with online services that make it easy for employees to publicly award and recognize each other for jobs well done, p. 77.
  9. Devise a plan on how you would quickly respond to a U.S. Department of Labor audit, p. 28.
  10. Mitigate the legal risks of using emotional intelligence and other kinds of employee assessments, p. 87.