How long have you been sitting at your desk? If it’s been a while, you might want to get up and move.

With obesity rates on the rise and health care costs soaring, employers — including SHRM — are encouraging their employees to add physical activity to their daily routine – including at work.

HR Magazine shares this new focus on fitness in the cover story of the September edition.

Contributing Editor Susan Wells says she thoroughly enjoyed learning about the diverse activities that HR professionals are sponsoring to help get employees moving on the road to better health. The initiatives she describes in the article, “Get Moving,” range from scheduling walks to sponsoring boot camps. One employer, footwear manufacturer Keen Inc., hosts a “Recess is Back” campaign.

Wells backs up the rationale and return-on-investment strategy for such programs with the results of scientific studies that show exercise at work can help employees get healthier — and save companies money on health insurance.

Associate Editor John Scorza supports the cover story with online links to research plus news stories and videos. A photo gallery features images of employees in motion submitted by SHRM members.

In other words, don’t just sit there. Move it!

That’s just what’s happening at SHRM, where Human Resources this summer coordinated opportunities for employees to move to the music in Zumba, African Dance and Salsa classes. Compensation and Benefits Manager Bruce Elliott says Boot Camp will be starting again in mid-September and running through mid-November. And back by popular demand is Zumba, with more classes starting this month.

The fitness article in HR Magazine leads a benefits package that also features:

    • *  “Seeking Transparency,” an exploration of the tools that employees and employers use to choose the best health care treatment options.
    • *  A comprehensive look at some employers’ experiences when they drop mental health benefits. Reporter Alice Andors studies whether employers should provide benefits that cover mental health and chemical dependency treatments.
    • *  An article on targeted retirement communication strategies.

Editor Nancy Davis notes that the September fitness article is part of the magazine’s commitment to coverage of wellness and the latest in a series of articles.