By Nancy Davis, Editor, HR Magazine

  1. Review your compliance with the Internal Revenue Service’s rules regarding the behavior, financing and relationships of independent contractors, p. 27.
  2. Brief your senior management team and your board of directors on five issues before theNational Labor Relations Board that could affect every U.S. workplace, p. 30.
  3. Join the chairwoman of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in her fight against workplace discrimination p. 38.
  4. Take action to identify bad bosses.  Make a commitment to improve the plight of their direct reports, p. 40.
  5. Soothe employees’ “seven-year itch,” and improve the retention of your best workers, p. 47.
  6. Analyze the effects of social media on your HR operation, p. 53.
  7. Measure your progress toward becoming a strategic HR business partner, p. 57.
  8. Develop courses to train employees via their cell phones, p. 61.
  9. Change your employment contracts for workers with international assignments to avoid multiple-country lawsuits, p. 71.
  10. Train line managers to recognize the signs of depression and teach them what they can do for workers who may exhibit such behaviors.