Here are five things HR pros should know this week courtesy of SHRM.

1. SHRM & National Journal Compare the Candidates:
How do the two Presidential candidates compare on issues related to the economy, workforce policy and more? SHRM and the National Journal hosted a panel discussion with experts debating these topics in Washington, DC. Here’s the video:

2. Win a $100 VISA gift card from SHRM : The SHRM Annual Conference is coming up in less than 3 weeks and we would like to hear from you! Take a moment to tell us why you will be joining us in Atlanta for the conference (or why you can’t make it this year) and you will be entered to win a $100 VISA gift card in our prize drawings this month!

3. Are U.S. federal agencies becoming more aggressive?: Find out what 3 employment law experts had to say in the latest edition of Focus on HR –

4. How does an HR director dive in the talent “pool” for the 2012 US Olympic team?: Read the story of SHRM Member Erika Braun, PHR, and her quest to make the 2012 Olympic swimming team here:

5. Solve this Riddle: What comes with tons of information; access to HR tools and templates; a subscription to HR Magazine; discounts on HR events, products and services; exclusive access to HR Knowledge Advisors AND goes with any outfit? The answer is: A SHRM Membership! Become a member today to get a discount AND a limited edition SHRM TOTE bag: