Day 3

The last leg of the #Workflex Tour de Oregon was scheduled with Columbia Gorge SHRM, which included HR professionals from the beautiful Columbia Gorge area of Washington and Oregon.  The meeting was in White Salmon, a friendly community that made for a great visit!  Chapter President Eileen Fletcher and the group certainly made me feel welcome.

I appreciated their interest in workplace flexibility.  One important audience question focused on how to incentivize managers to support workplace flexibility.  I pointed to the When Work Works Flex At a Glance brochure, suggesting that training is important for managers and that organizations can then tie flex support into performance appraisals and rewards.

Afterwards, the group gave me a pep talk about crossing the narrow Hood River Bridge to prepare me for my drive back to the Portland airport.  Then, I was off.

Hood River Toll Bridge

Thankfully, I made the last flight headed east, which allowed me to make my youngest daughter’s Mother’s Day Tea the next morning – important for my personal work-life fit!