Day 2

My second day of #Workflex Tour de Oregon began with a Lane County Human Resource Association (LCHRA) breakfast meeting of over 70 HR professionals from the Eugene area.  I appreciated their great questions about how to secure support for flex among senior leaders and how to navigate flex offerings for non-exempt employees.

I was thrilled to then facilitate another discussion with Eugene Sloan Workflex Award winning organizations, including the Oregon Research Institute (ORI), Full Access, and Isler CPA.

Eugene Sloan Workflex Award winners share best
practices with audience members.  Pictured, from
left to right: Kim Meyers of Isler CPA, Dawnetta Rios
of Oregon Research Institute and Margaret Theisen,
CEO of Full Access.

When Margaret Theisen, CEO of Full Access, was asked how her organization initiated flex, she replied, “We had to practice what we preach, and it simply happened organically from there.”

Kim Meyers of Isler outlined how her organization maintains a commitment to its people and the community by providing generous paid time off for employees to participate in community service activities.

An audience member asked about “pet-friendly” workplaces.  In response, ORI’s Dawnetta Rios shared that several ORI employees bring their furry friends to work with them, and that only a few minor “issues” (that were quickly addressed) surfaced as a result of being a pet-friendly employer.

LCHRA members had lots of questions for our panelists. Before I knew it, our time was up.

Now, for a long drive north to cross the Hood River Bridge (which was definitely the narrowest bridge I’ve ever crossed!) to White Salmon, Wash.