Welcome to this week’s edition of the THE FRIDAY 5! Here are five things HR pros should know this week courtesy of SHRM. 

1. Congress asks employers to take a pass on passwords — This week Congress introduced the Social Networking Online Protection Act which would prohibit employers from requiring a username, password or other access to online content. Read more about it here: http://goo.gl/6Nuzl

2. Shaq does HR? — This weekend Shaquille O’Neal will graduate with a Ph.D. in Human Resource Development. What advice would you give him on entering HR? Let him know here: http://goo.gl/tZzNq

3. Get ahead with “headhunters”
Here’s a great article about recruiters and how to get their attention and support as you look for a new HR job. “Hunting with Headhunters” provides insight into what recruiters look for in good candidates. The recruiter-job seeker relationship a two-way street and seekers need to develop a partnership that is mutually beneficial. Find out now: http://goo.gl/wvgQP

4. TOMS Shoes founder on what’s next — #SHRM Talent keynote speaker Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes and a former contestant on “The Amazing Race” TV show talks about his next great challenge: http://goo.gl/vKiL2

5. Career Advice: find your inner genius — #SHRM Talent keynoter Gina Rudan shares how you can cultivate your inner genius for your success: http://goo.gl/fs5q0