By Curtis Midkiff, SHRM Director of Social Engagement

Welcome to this week’s edition of the The Friday 5!  Here are five things HR pros should know this week courtesy of SHRM.

1. HR Manager Listed #3 Among Best Jobs  – The Wall Street Journal recently published a list of “best jobs” and HR manager was listed as #3!  Our VP of Membership Pam Green shares why she thinks it should be #1 in this blog post  Read the blog and leave a comment letting us know why you LOVE HR.

2. It’s Nice to Be Nice — Employee Recognition Matters  –  New findings from the SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Survey show a connection between employee recognition programs and increases in employee engagement and productivity.  Find out more here .

3. Social CEO Update  – Our CEO Hank Jackson was abuzz on the social networks this week.  Check out his blog post on financial literacy he shared after participating in the opening bell ceremony at the NYSE kicking off Financial Literacy Week

4. Tattle Tales on Your Timelines?  – How are HR pros dealing with Facebook snitches in the workplace?  Find out here

5. Career Advice: Job Fair Survival 101  – Here’s how to navigate the good, bad, and ugly aspects of job fairs

BONUS ITEM: –Malcolm Gladwell, best selling author and one of Time magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People, is speaking at The SHRM 2012 Annual Conference.  What will he talk about?  You get to decide

That’s the Friday 5 for this week, enjoy the weekend!