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It Takes Two to Make a Leadership Connection

HR is continuing to make inroads in the leadership arena, but work is still needed. There is a renewed awareness that HR is a critical function of organizations. Boards are focusing on HR skills and holding CEOs accountable to be more aligned with their HR functions. CFOs have long been connected to HR, and that connection remains in 2016. Technology and globalizing are removing many competitive barriers – but human capital continues to differentiate the best businesses today.

Interesting data in a study by Harvey Nash shows that connections...


Three Things Vendors Should NOT Be Doing at #SHRM16

In about two months, individuals will be heading to Washington, D.C. to attend the 2016 SHRM Annual Conference.  This will be my 16th SHRM Annual Conference, and, based on my years of experience, here are the things vendors should NOT be doing as they prepare for the big event and the thousands attending:

1.  Do NOT treat students with disrespect 

Ideally, every person who walks through the exhibit hall should be addressed with respect.  However, it is inevitable every year that my students will come back with horror stories about being...


Lessons from the "Kelly and Michael" Mess

In the recent "Live with Kelly and Michael" controversy, organizational psychologist and #SHRM16 Blogger Dr. Michael "Woody" Woodard says the old adage "Nothing personal, it's just business" does not ring true. He joins Lunch Break with Wall Street Journal's Tanya Rivero and discusses how any solid relationship is founded in respect, which must begin with open communication. 






Q & A with #SHRM16 Presenter Catherine Mattice

As part of our coverage of the 2016 SHRM Annual Conference, each of the official bloggers is conducting a Q&A with one of the session speakers.  The speaker I chose was Catherine Mattice of Civility Partners.  Her session, “The Real World: Case Studies of Real Organizations Who Solved Their Workplace Bullying Problems” caught my eye for several reasons.  First, I’m an HR practitioner, so any session that focuses on solutions to real world problems interests me.  Second, workplace bullying is a topic that I believe is gaining more traction and attention. I’m personally a believer in the power of...


4 Things "Bring Your Child to Work Day" Can Teach Us About The Power of Play in the Workplace


Today, over 37 million workers in over 3.5 million offices across the country are taking part in  Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Founded by Gloria Steinem, the program was originally created in response to research that found many girls lacked confidence and were dropping out of school by the eighth grade.  

While this one special day injects a much needed element of levity into the office and breaks up the monotony of the normal work week, there are some powerful lessons we can take from...


FLSA Changes…Again!

In 2004, there were significant changes to the parts of the FLSA that addressed overtime exemptions and 12 years later, we’re going to see some more changes…probably as soon as May 2016!

What will these changes look like?

The rule is not final, so we don’t know for sure yet; but it is likely that the changes will:

  • raise the salary minimum considerably –from $455 weekly to $970,
  • increase the annual compensation requirement for highly compensated employees from $100,000 to about $122,148,
  • establish a built-in mechanism for
  • ...

Building a Culture of Feedback

There have been many great articles written about feedback. They cover how to give it, when to give it, what to call it. I’ve seen feedback referred to as guidance, reflection, coaching, or yelling. We talk about the consequences of not giving it. There’s giving it upward, downward, backward and sideways. One area where I don’t see a ton of coverage, though, is about the importance of asking for and receiving feedback. In order to give, you must be willing to receive. 

I have heard from many people that...


5 Ways to Avoid Job Burnout

Blogging is interesting because sometimes you research and report, other times you give pure opinion.  Today is an opinion day, and it’s a fine line between doing that and becoming “preachy”.  The truth is that there have been times when I’ve been nearing job burnout during my career.  Face it, we all have those times.  It’s important to think about ways to head that off instead of waiting for things to get to that point.

One of the most stressful, and best, moves I’ve made has been working for myself....


#Nextchat: HR’s Role in Mergers and Acquisitions



"I don't think I've ever heard of any colleague of mine who's gone through a combination who said it's easier than they thought. Most people say it's more difficult than they thought."  ~ Mike Sprouse, chief marketing officer for Epic Media Group

One of the greatest challenges—and learning experiences—for an HR professional is managing a merger and acquisition (M&A). The before, during and after phases of an M&A are filled with risk for the organization, and with confusion and anxiety...