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Bill-Ability and Salaries

Some employers are confused about how their exempt employees can maintain exemption status when the company has clients that are billed for labor on an hourly basis.

Many employers believe that there’s a problem with paying an exempt employee on an hourly basis. They should have a problem.  Most times it is not permitted.  However, some exempt employees can be paid hourly, believe it or not. Teachers, physicians, lawyers, and computer professionals paid at a certain (high) rate are all examples of exempt employees that can be paid hourly. Yup!



Cleveland Concludes, Philly Forthcoming


SHRM and CFGI successfully wrapped up participation in the Republican National Convention (RNC) this week and are now preparing to take on the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, PA next week. To say the convention experience is exciting, is certainly an understatement!  

The RNC proved to be an excellent opportunity for SHRM to showcase Principles for a 21st Century Workplace, highlighting innovative, fair and competitive policy solutions. Throughout several partnership events with the Republican Main Street Partnership, a SHRM Member Engagement Event with the ...


Future Friday: The Skill Sets Needed for the HR professional of the Future


I came across an article directed at the Chief Information Officers, in other words the IT leader, which talked about the skill sets the CIO of the future will need to have to be most effective. Not too surprisingly this skill set works well for the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) as well. In fact they work well for the HR professional at all levels. I have written about each of these skill sets in the past but thought it would be constructive to revisit them....


CFGI Carries Immigration Reform Message to the Convention in Cleveland

CFGI was on the ground at the Republican National Convention (RNC) this week, joining our SHRM colleagues for a second RNC in a row. This year we focused on making the case to candidates for office, current members of Congress and opinion leaders for creating a 21st century workplace, one that ensures a competitive workforce – including a need for immigration reform.

On Day One (July 18), the GOP adopted its party platform. It addresses immigration issues by emphasizing the importance of the American worker and recognizing...


What’s Love Got to Do With Politics?

Remember that classic Tina Turner song “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” On day three of the Republican National Convention, CNN’s Donna Brazile reminded us that when it comes to politics, it’s not about love but instead it’s about the future of our nation. You’re probably thinking, “Seriously?!!”… Let me provide some context.

SHRM hosted an exclusive member event with our media partner CNN during the RNC to discuss the presidential elections. To my excitement (as a political geek), we had the privilege of hearing from CNN’s Dana...


If You Want Your Managers to Be Successful, Onboard Them


Organizations expect a lot from managers. They need to hire the best employees then train and coach them for high performance. Managers are the key to employee engagement and retention. It’s a challenge and a huge responsibility. This doesn’t even include the requirements for the department or process they are managing.

However, few organizations give managers the prerequisite training and development they need to be successful. Sure, some organizations have management and leadership development programs. Those programs are very successful in giving managers the skills they need. In fact, I’d...


#Nextchat RECAP: Where Should the HR Function Reside?

On July 20, @shrmnextchat chatted with SHRM Manager Training, Knowledge Center, John Dooney (@SHRMAnalytics) about Where Should the HR Function Reside?

In case you missed this excellent and thought-provoking chat, you can see all the tweets here:



Want to Make America Work Again? Make Sure HR is a Part of the Conversation!


It is day two at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio! And, what better day for me to reflect on the role of HR in today’s workplace, than today, coined by the RNC as the “Make America Work Again” day. HR professionals know how to make the workplace work and that often begins with attracting a skilled workforce.

The need for employers to remain competitive was heard loud and clear at a SHRM partner event today, the Republican Main Street Partnership’s GOP Urban Mayors Forum, featuring...


SHRM16: All About Preparing for the Coming Political Storm


As 2016 is the year of a presidential election, it was quite fitting that SHRM’s Annual Conference and Exposition was held in Washington D.C.  While storm clouds may continue to gather and brew on our political horizon, the weather and atmosphere for SHRM was quite the opposite.

We are lucky that the HR and Benefits industry has SHRM because it doesn’t just attract industry professionals seeking to improve themselves – but to improve others and the industry we are in.

What better example of that than a presentation by Sal Khan of the Khan Academy. Sal spoke about...


The Cool Tools Show at #SHRM16


SHRM 16 in Washington DC was a pretty special time for Cool Tools Show hosts, Craig and Lars.  For one, DC is Lars’ stomping grounds.  Also the last time we met up at a SHRM event there Lars gave Craig and Kevin Grossman a tour of his office at that time, the old NPR HQ.

Each time we get together for a SHRM annual event we scour the expo hall for new tech, cool tools, and most importantly furry mascots.  We love furry mascots.  Well we took our video equipment (iPhone) around and had some good fun on day...