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HR Technology Q & A with Kris Dunn

The 2016 HR Technology Conference is October 4-7. Over the next month The SHRM Blog will feature a Q & A series with several HR technology experts who will offer their perspective on how technology is impacting the HR profession today -- and their predictions for the future.

The following is a Q & A with Kris Dunn, CHRO at Kinetix

Q.  What do you want HR professionals to understand about the process of selecting HR software?  What are the key considerations?



#Nextchat: 5 Big Themes in HR Tech


In my capacity as program co-chair for the annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition, I get a unique opportunity to talk with dozens of executives from HR technology solution providers, organizational HR leaders, industry analysts and thought leaders as I review and prepare the conference agenda.

Through these many conversations, solution demonstrations and my participation in industry events, I try to get an overall idea on which trends, themes and important ideas are driving the practice of HR and are reflected in the HR technology landscape.

I'd like to share...


SHRM Foundation Innovation Award – HRACC Story


In 2015, the HRACC (Human Resources Association of Central Connecticut) received the SHRM Foundation Innovation Award. Why? Because we have some pretty innovative board members at HRACC!

In 2015, our idea for the SHRM Foundation was to place a large pink piggy bank at the registration desk and encouraged attendees to drop their spare change in.  That was a little slow to get started, but we did find after a few months, a couple of members would bring us a small jar of change to donate.  While symbolic, the piggy bank...


Long Live HR Experimentation!


When invited to a newly revised onboarding session, that I entitled “Onboarding Experiment,” one of our new hires told me how she loved that I used the word experiment. My immediate reaction? Crap. She’s onto me. I find myself using that word quite a lot in reference to initiatives I’m working on. There’s just something about calling a new effort an experiment that makes it sound more exciting while also easing the stress for those of us who are phobic about commitment. It’s not just that though.

Describing something as an...


Future Friday: The Vision of Retirement is Already Changing


The vision of retirement is undergoing a major change. Many people envision that retirement is sitting at the local Starbucks chatting with friends or sitting on the front porch rocking away enjoying “the good life.” However, for many people that is not the good life and as a result the vision of what retirement will look like is undergoing a major change.


Many people are eschewing the thought of the good life retirement scenario for a number of reasons. First is the mortality reason. Studies have shown that people who retire early, in their 50’s (which used to...


How to Hire Accountable People


Accountable employees keep their promises, consider the consequences of their actions, take responsibility for their mistakes, and make amends for those mistakes.

The following questions may help you discern a job candidate’s level of accountability.

Describe a situation in which you took responsibility for a mistake you made. What were the consequences to you for doing so?

Brad, a mailroom worker at a large pharmaceutical company, threatened a coworker. He initially denied what he had done but eventually admitted it and added that he hadn’t intended to follow through with the threat....


Doing a Merger? It’s Going to Hurt—a Lot!

(But Perhaps You Can Reduce the Pain a Little)

Mergers and acquisitions are in style again. Last year was, according to The Wall Street Journal, “the Biggest M&A Year Ever.”

Anheuser-Busch InBev is buying SABMiller. Charter Communications acquired Time Warner Cable. Dow Chemical is trying to merge with DuPont. Dell bought EMC. Heinz merged with Kraft. Anthem and Cigna are trying to merge, as are Humana and Aetna.

The jury’s still out on whether 2016 will beat 2015, but the list of mergers just keeps getting longer.

When one of these colossal...


#Nextchat RECAP: New HR Tech—Transforming Employee Development

On September 21, @shrmnextchat chatted with Namely Chief People Officer Nick Sanchez @NamelyNick about New HR Tech - Transforming Employee Development.  
In case you missed this excellent and informative chat, you can read all the tweets here:



Trust and HR – The Business Impact of Listening to Your Employees


Like any other profession, there are plenty of HR horror stories out there – from the “Why We Hate HR” to “It’s Time to ‘Blow Up’ HR”. That being said, human resources plays an important role in the organization. It’s often the “go-to” place for employees and, as such, they need to feel comfortable coming to HR. Here’s an example:

An employee was recently accused of harassing and bullying by someone with anxiety. The accuser kept a log over 8 months and never said anything to the employee. The employee said when HR met with them, they...


Encouraging Better Communication in Your Small Business


Below is an actual conversation held with a business leader. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Me (answering phone): Hi Dave,

Dave: Hey I was wondering if you knew what Jerry (another leader) had decided to do about Tom (matrix employee who is having disciplinary issues).

Me: No. I haven’t talked to Jerry since we all chatted a few days ago. I thought the two of you were going to discuss and then let me know if I could help.

Dave: I thought so, too, but hadn’t heard...