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Expected Raise Was Withdrawn- Now What?

Q:  I am a salaried worker that was offered a contract to bring me up in compliance with the new overtime rule which meant a raise of a few thousand dollars.  That was great but before all the signatures could be finalized, national news broke that the new overtime rule had been blocked and the offer was withdrawn.
Here’s the problem.  When I thought my income was going up, I updated my benefit choices before open enrollment closed in late November.  I...

The Prism of Past Perceptions for the Recruiting and L&D Communities


A key premise of Fearless HR: Driving Business Results is that a profession endeavoring to change must confront its past before embarking on its future. For the HR profession, you don’t have to look very far to see remnants of a somewhat checkered past. Despite numerous recent examples of HR creating contexts in which talent flourishes and organizations prosper, HR is often viewed from the historical perspective of being an administrative function that worries more about rules, process and compliance than improving the business. It is easy and comfortable...

What is confirmation bias and how to overcome it?

Have you ever had a situation where you looked at some data and it confirmed what you thought? Or you were interviewing a candidate that belonged to the same sorority you belonged to and she was just as bright as you expected her to be? Or the millennial employee you have is just as spoiled as you expected them to be? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, you may be a victim of “confirmation bias.”

What is confirmation bias?



Year-end is always a full time for HR. There are various open enrollment efforts, reports and social events. Throw into the mix that we’re in the midst of the holiday season which brings it’s own set of emotions ranging from positive to stressful. At a time when you’d hope people would be more open and gracious, you may find just the opposite.
I find that the longer I’m in HR, the...

HR Intel: The New Economic Normal



As the future of the US continues to take shape, daily developments tend to raise more questions than they answer. Historically, economists say that uncertainty is bad for the economy, but uber-successful investors like Warren Buffett say that fear and uncertainty present huge opportunities for investors. The truth is probably somewhere in between.

For HR, the story is similar. Economic uncertainty can be both good and bad, depending on your perspective and your situation. But regardless of where you sit or how you view the world, there is an economic...


Changes in Hiring for 2017

As 2016 comes to an end, employers and staffing agencies begin the year with a number of factors that will impact the hiring landscape in 2017. From welcomed changes in recruitment advertising, to a shift in the age of the workforce, companies have the opportunity to embrace and strategize on ways to optimize hiring. These 4 factors are some of the unique trends we will see in the coming year:
1. The rise of the gig economy 
2017 will present the largest freelance and contract workforce, with some estimates stating roughly 40% of employees as part of...

6 Steps to Evaluating Your HR Function

The field of Human Resources is evolving and being embraced in even the smallest of organizations today. With the onslaught of legal issues facing the employment relationship, all enterprises need to be sure they have an understanding of human resources. The new overtime ruling is only the beginning of the changes we see on the landscape of employee management.
Business executives must understand what their entity needs, what compliance is necessary, and how that can be best embraced within their operation. Through presentations and HR speaking with a...

The Way Forward on Migration


In the past week I’ve come to appreciate the real world complexities of immigration even more.  It began last Tuesday as I sat at the Indian consulate in Washington, D.C. biting my nails as I waited to see whether I would get a visa to board a plane taking off the next day.  Knowing what I do about processing delays around the world, I probably should have submitted my application more than three weeks before my trip.  But since I was travelling abroad, I couldn’t do that. Luckily the consulate came...


#TransformTues - Gwyn Dubel

The SHRM Foundation will continue to invest in HR scholarships for current and future HR leaders because we know that skilled and empowered HR professionals transform the workplace and workforce.  In 2017, the SHRM Foundation will award more than 300 scholarships worth a total of almost $500,000! Read more below about one of the many deserving, talented and devoted HR students we have supported over the years. 


In 2015, Gwyn Dubel, a student at Baldwin Wallace University studying human resources, reached out to the...