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New College Students!

I don’t have any answers. In fact, the older I get, the more I realize how little I know. But, I know more than you! Do this:

  1. Focus. “Find yourself” after you graduate!
  2. Don’t chase money. The more you get, the more you spend; the more you spend, the more you need/want.
  3. If you’re good at it, chase your passion. If you’re good at it, the money will find you.
  4. Get and keep your scholarships.
  5. Live on campus. The experience can’t be replaced. Your socialization,
  6. ...

Should We Eliminate The Annual Performance Review Process? [Podcast]

We’ve all heard of the phrase “managing up,” but what does it mean to give feedback to your boss – and how can you do it the right way without getting fired? Research shows that many people leave organizations due to bad management, so why not turn that around and empower employees to give managers a piece of their mind?

Joining me to tackle this tough and touchy topic today is Anita Bowness, Global Practice Leader of Halogen Software.



About Anita:...


Drop the Mic—Please!


Presentation skills, practice, and the top ten don’ts.

Fear of public speaking is natural. Believe me when I say it’s the same for every presenter, no matter how seasoned. I’ve given over 200 speeches and presentations all over the world, to audiences small enough to fit in a roadside diner and big enough to fill a convention hall, to your average group of HR professionals and to huge organizations well-known for clandestine missions. I still sometimes shiver with every syllable.

I hear it all the time: “I hate presenting anything...


How to Make the Most of Your Internship

An intern is defined as an advanced student or recent graduate who undergoes supervised practical training. Summer internships are winding down as college students head back to school and dropping the word intern from their title, but the last day on the job doesn’t mean the last day of work. If you put in the work, an internship can help you even months after the fact.

Speaking as a graduate student about to enter the real-world workforce with two internships under my belt, I suggest a five simple steps to make the...


#Nextchat: A New Mindset for Mentorship




Today, HR professionals face the uphill battle of engaging and retaining the young professional demographic. In 2015, almost half of the United States workforce consisted of young professionals, a figure which is expected to increase to 57 percent by 2020. Subsequently, employers are ditching the traditional methods of mentorship to fit the younger generation and the ever-changing world of work.

Today’s young professionals are less concerned with money and more interested in...


Stand Out, Speak Up and Be Heard

It's critical to help audiences remember valuable information, especially in business. Drawing on the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology, Impossible to Ignore: Creating Memorable Content to Influence Decisions by Carmen Simon, Ph.D. (McGraw-Hill Education, 2016), offers HR professionals specific strategies designed to create memorable messages that are easy to process, hard to forget and impossible to ignore.

While most people are concerned about improving their own memories, Simon argues that what matters most is influencing the memories of others. That's important for HR practitioners to keep in...


Sowing Seeds !!


The back-to-school season is upon us once again. You can see it in the stores as aisles and aisles of supplies are displayed. Backpacks, notebooks, laptops, pencils and pens, etc.

My two “kids” are now adults and in various stages of college. My wife and I are very fortunate that we have such incredible kids. We don’t ever overlook that. Our son is going to be a sophomore at Ohio University (proud Bobcat Dad alum !!), and our daughter is in graduate school at the University of Indianapolis.

Transition at this stage of life looks a lot different than going to...


Future Friday: Is your HR department designed with humans in mind?


I came across an article titled Do people really matter when we design workplaces? Written by Steve Maslin it is directed toward architects and designers. He says that often the first reaction to that question is “of course” and to some it is indeed, but to others Maslin says that often he has found that the concern for people is not there. He says “I would suggest that the belief that people really matter when some designers design workplaces for them is quite frankly all too often skin deep.” He...


Principles of the 21st Century Workplace


The 21st century has been marked by historic changes and breakthrough discoveries. Knowledge and society have progressed more in the past 100 years than they did in the previous 1,000. Today, we live and move at an accelerated pace. The same holds true in business. 

Drawing from our HR expertise and nearly 70-year history of helping people and organizations thrive, we have identified three principles that will enable us to meet the demands of business today. The 21st century workplace must be innovative, competitive and fair. 

Innovative: Innovating...


Is a confidentiality provision in an employee settlement agreement worth the paper it’s printed on?




A reader emailed me yesterday.

“Hey Eric, Clients are wondering about value of settlement NDAs after ex-Fox News HWE victims go public despite contracts. Your reaction?”

Wait! You mean employees actually violate confidentiality provisions?

I know, right?

By way of brief background, in late July, New York ran a story by Gabriel Sherman, suggesting a recent high-profile example. That is, two female Fox employees were allegedly sexually harassed by former Fox News boss, Roger Ailes. The Sherman story includes details of a 2011 settlement agreement between the women and Fox. An agreement...