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Communications survey reveals the potential of mobile to transform engagement #SHRM16


Red e App Survey of HR Professionals at the SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition Reveals a Lack of Connection with Hourly Employees

Red e App, an internal communications mobile application used by corporations globally to more effectively communicate with hourly workers, surveyed over 300 HR professionals at the national SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management) conference. The survey results indicate that companies are unable to measure internal communications and are slowly adapting to the mobile behaviors of their workforce.

At the leading event for HR executives, Red e App learned that only 27 percent of companies surveyed have...


How Your HR Department Can Make Your Company Money

Any company’s HR department can be much more than a necessary nuisance! In fact, HR departments can make fiscal contributions to their companies through: 1. cost containment, 2. productivity improvement, and 3. actual profit generation – HR CAN MAKE YOU MONEY!

  1. Cost Containment.  Saving money is code for making money! Ask any coupon shopper. Part of the conventional HR department’s job is to study the costs of benefits, compensation, and even some overhead.  After studying these costs, HR can make recommendations as to how costs can be
  2. ...

Election 2016: Polarizing Candidates Create Significant Headaches at Work #SHRM16












Evren Esen, SHRM-SCP

Director, Workforce Analytics, SHRM

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This election year is brining greater political volatility to the workplace, with slightly more than one-quarter of respondents to a new Society...


What Does it Take to Become an Award-Winning Executive? #SHRM16



Tim Mulligan, J.D.

CHRO, San Diego Zoo Global


Winner - 2016 CHRO of the Year (HRO Today)

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On this episode of the Business, Life, and Coffee show, Tim Mulligan discusses how he refined his corporate culture at one of the nation's premiere service-oriented non-profit organization. Also, he shares his wisdom about becoming an award-winning executive, advice...


“Nice Job” Just Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

Business literature is filled with all the reasons performance reviews just don’t work, but maybe part of the issue is that we aren’t addressing the real needs of the employees. Yes, they appreciate a positive comment from their manager. Employees do want an annual or semi-annual sit down to talk about your view of their performance and to set goals for the next year. They want to know where the company is going and how they fit into the big picture.

But at the same time, they want to...


Day 1.5 at #SHRM16 Randomness and Regulations

I’m blogging again this year for SHRM at the National show aka #SHRM16. Once again, I’ve spent the entire event networking, which means I’ve only attended one session so far – a labor law overview by Chad Richter from Jackson Lewis.

Chad had lots of questions from the audience about the new overtime rules, and the new Persuader rules.  I’m not going to rehash all that, but if you would like to know about Persuader rules go over to the CUE blog where I have a bunch of resources that...


The 3 New Platforms at the SHRM16 Exhibition Hall Candy Store


I love exposition halls (a.k.a. tradeshows). Before I jumped back in as an HR practitioner leading HR for a growing tech company in Toronto, I was all over HR tech companies and followed their every move. I was partial toward SMB’s and was always seeking out new vendors who I have never met or heard of. For this version of the Annual SHRM conference my objective was to connect with 3 new vendors. So off I went strolling through what seemed like thousands of vendors jockeying for attention. At...


Recapping and Snapchatting: Student & Young Professionals at #SHRM16


Knowledge has been gained, connections have been made, and plenty of food/drinks have been consumed by student and young professional members at the SHRM 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition.

For the second year in a row, the SHRM Foundation sponsored the Student & Young Professional Super Sunday Session. This event, held over breakfast, was an informational (and fun!) orientation specifically for future leaders of the HR profession.  Scott Ferrin, SHRM-CP, Field Service Director for SHRM, started off the morning as the audience’s cup of coffee. He energized the group and played the role of master...


Drive Thru HR Does #SHRM16 - What You Need to Know About Social Security

What you need to know about social security

A very special live episode of Drive Thru HR hosted by Michael where he talks to representatives from the Social Security Administration, sharing useful information about social security for individuals and HR professionals.




#SHRM16 report Day 3- Focus on the FLSA

Today I attended two packed sessions on the FLSA and its impact on companies. One session dealt with nonprofits and the second dealt with the FLSA overtime rules in general.


The session was entitled How the New Overtime Rule will impact our Nonprofit and what to do about it. It was presented by Michael Eastman and Christine Walters, both experience Washington D.C. attorneys. The gist of their presentation was that if you think nonprofits get a break from compliance then think...