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SHRM’s 1994 Mission to South Africa

By Leon Rubis, SHRM Vice President of Editorial The death of Nelson Mandela last week prompted memories of an early example I witnessed of the importance and international reach of the HR profession—and of SHRM. On the morning of Sept. 8, 1994, I was still in my first year as a SHRM editor when myContinue Reading


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Coming in April’s HR Magazine

By Nancy Davis, editor, HR Magazine At SHRM’s Strategy Conference last October, I heard HR leaders from three diverse organizations describe the complex ways they help employees link personal goals to companywide strategies. Although each method was quite different, there were many common HR elements. So, a couple of months ago, I asked Contributing EditorContinue Reading


In February’s HR Magazine

By Nancy Davis, editor, HR Magazine With Congress in a stalemate on the deficit and federal budget, it’s full steam ahead for many of President Obama’s agencies when it comes to creating and enforcing U.S. regulations that define the employer-employee relationship. In our February cover package on regulatory compliance, contributing editor Robert Grossman spells outContinue Reading


In December’s HR Magazine–2013 Trendbook

By Nancy Davis, editor, HR Magazine HR metrics have grown so important to every HR professional that we’ve redesigned our annual Trendbook around them. The 2013 HR Benchmarks Trendbook, an insert in December’s HR Magazine, contains data to help you gauge your company’s progress in every HR discipline. It will help you answer questions suchContinue Reading


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